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Several world champions Lead Off City Weiqi League playoffs! The Competition Is Fierce, The Top Three of The Last Season Are All Out

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      The 1/8 finals of the 2018 season in the City Weiqi League ended at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Last season, the champions of the third place, Quzhou Yigu, Jingde Chinese Medicine and Wuhan Zhonghe were all defeated in the 1/8 finals.

▲ City Weiqi League Top 16 Leading Off Together

     The last two rounds (9th, 10th rounds) of the regular season of the City Weiqi League started on the afternoon of August 10. At the scene of the game, the famous players such as Ma Xiaochun, Gu Li, Chen Yaoye, Tang Weixing, Gu Zhi Hao, Jie Cheng Cong, Lian Xiao, Yi Jia, Zhou Ruiyang, etc. all came to the site to make final efforts for their teams to achieve good results.
     On the morning of August 11, the opening ceremony of the City Weiqi League's playoffs was held. Director General of the City Weiqi League, Rong Jianxing, Zhang Wenjun, member of the Standing Committee of Nanning People Government and Deputy Mayor, Xie Qiang, deputy director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, and Lin Jianchao, chairman of the China Weiqi Association, delivered speeches. In his speech, Lin Jianchao pointed out: "The City Weiqi League 2018 playoffs were held during the China Weiqi Congress, which reflected the special value of this event in a larger context. City Weiqi League is the product of Go reform, its outstanding reflected the innovation of Go's operation mode, it has gone its own way in realizing the popularization, socialization, marketization and diversification of Go sport. In just a few years, it has evolved from an event to a new form of Go sports of national and even the world."

▲The Opening Ceremony of The Playoffs

      The City Weiqi League 2018 regular season awards have taken by their owners: Wuhan Zhonghe Go Club wins 9 consecutive games to win the Win-streak Award, Shanghai China Tianyi Go Club crowns the Most Popular Club Award, Paris Huan Yu Shang Yi Go Club and Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu Go Club won the Sportsmanship Award.
         In the subsequent 1/8 final of the City Weiqi League, the world champions of each team went into battle. The line of champions makes the stadium starry.

▲ Zhou Ruiyang vs. Jiang Weijie (Right)

        The defending champion Quzhou Yigu and the group match opponent Shanghai China Tianzhu met again in the playoffs. In the regular season, the two sides won each other one game. The two sides dispatched their main players, Jiang Weijie and Zhou Ruiyang were in a tit-for-tat position in the middle of the game. In the end, the amateur king Hu Yuqing played and sealed the victory for Shanghai China Tian Ying. After the game, he sent a circle of friends, "The hard-won victory! Finally completed the basic goal of this year's team."

▲ Chen Yaoye vs. Shi Yue (Right)

        The Jingde Chinese medicine regular led by Chen Yaoxuan was the same as the Liuzhou Wenlv score, and even the small score was the same. Finally, the Jingde Club was selected by drawing as the second of the group. In the 1/8 finals, the Club met the Beihai Gaoxin who ended its regular season with a three-game win-streak. As Chen Yaoye said before the game, “the pressure is greater and the opponents are stronger after entering the knockout round.” Shi Yue who led the Beihai Gaoxin team, did not miss the opportunity and successfully advanced to the next round. Shi Yue said, "This time the situation of our team is better than last year."

▲Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu Club Yuki Satoshi Kudan

     Last season's third place Wuhan Zhonghe lost to Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu, failed to sustain the momentum of the regular season's 9-game winning streak. "This game the opponent made a fault in the first half of the game. After we caught it, we haven’t give them any chance any more. No matter how the opponent work hard, we won at last." As the only one foreign team to advance to the quarterfinals, Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu Team Honglin Meiyan is very satisfied with the performance of the team. "We have already entered the top 8 and the target will be set higher. The next game is with the Nanjing team. Last year the two teams scored 1:1. We still have a chance."

▲ Niu Yutian against Gu Li (Right)

       In other several matchups, Gu Li led Ningbo to defeat Tianjin Pengfeng Guangqi New Energy and completed the “basic goal of entering the top 8”; Tang Weixing and Li Xuanhao joined forces to lead Liuzhou Wen Lv to defeat Toronto Lijialihua; Xi’an Wen Ping lost to Chengdu Yi Ming Wei Jing, Shaoxing Shangyu Yukun Real Estate defeated Guiyang Yiyuan, Guangzhou Zhongcheng Zhijian lost to Nanjing Suzhong Construction.
        The quarter-final of City Weiqi League will be opened in September. The specific matches are: Chengdu Yi Ming Wei Jing VS Shaoxing Shangyu Yukun Real Estate, Nanjing Suzhong Construction VS Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu, Ningbo Shu Qian VS Liuzhou Wenlv, Shanghai China Tian Ying VS Beihai Guojia Gaoxin.

▲ Group Photo of Forum Guests and The Host

         The Sports Industry and Enterprise Development Forum was also held on August 11th. About 200 entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government officials from related fields attended. Party Secretary and Director Nanning Sports Bureau Li Bing, Tan Jianxiang-Professor of South China Normal University, Ph.D. Supervisor, Executive Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration Social Science Research Base, Vice Chairman of China Rowing Club Alliance and former Chairman of Wuhan Contemporary Mining Group Yan Wei, Li Fuhe General Manager of Shanghai Pan Cheng De Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., lecturer of President Class of Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Huo Jianxin Chinese Sports Stadium Management expert and professor of the Capital Sports Institute and etc. guests made keynote speeches.

▲The Top Three Players in The Relay Match

          The City Weiqi League Chess Fan Relay Competition attracted fans from all over the country to participate in the competition. After two days of competition, the Tiantian Wanli team consisting of Tang Ying, Tang Chongzhe, Hu Yuqing, Li Zhixin and Huangfushan won the champion with 12 points score. Nanda Yandie Feicui and Nanda Jingyi Go Team won the second and third places. The teams that won Top four to eight teams were: Siqi Go Institute, Nebula Team, Bottom Bounce Team, Hunan Yongzhou Representative Team and Xianning Go Institute Team.