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       Huazhi Sports Industry Co.,Ltd

      Huazhi Sports Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huazhi Sports Company") is a corporate group formed by dozens of enterprises.  The company is a modern enterprise engaged in research, investment, and operations of commercialized mind sports games focused on Weiqi. In particular, the businesses include the running of City Weiqi League, planning and organizing of mind sports games, the development and operations of sports cultures building complex, training programs for mind sports games, Internet products development, cultural creativity and development of their derivative products, etc. Participating in the operation of Nanguo Yi Park, the first professional intellectual sports venue in Guangxi Province, and constructing and operating Quzhou Yi Valley, the first comprehensive industrial park of Weiqi culture in China.

        In Aug. 2018, Huazhi Sports Company undertook the second Chinese Weiqi Congress held in Nanning, Guangxi, which was hosted by Chinese Weiqi Association, Guangxi Sports Bureau and Nanning Municipal Government This Congress held more than 26 events and 33 activities. Nearly 15,000 professional players and 35,000 staff participated in the Congress.

        The Company regards the “profession, innovation, service” as the core values, and “wisdom gathering and unity, innovation and transcendence” as the enterprise spirit. It devotes to becoming the outstanding mind sports industry operator, promotes the mind sports industrialization process by the complete market operation, thus developing and spreading the excellent Chinese culture. 

        In addition, the company has been awarded honorary titles such as “National Demonstration Unit of Sport Industry”, “National Advanced Business Entity of Public Sports”, ”Guangxi Demonstration Unit of Sport Industry”, “Guangxi Demonstration Unit of Culture Industry”, “Guangxi Demonstration Unit of National Fitness”, “Guangxi Sport Industry Brand”, etc.