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City Weiqi League 2018 Season Liuzhou Opening Game Firepower Fully Open

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        On May 18th, the City Weiqi League 2018 Season Liuzhou Opening Game was grandly opened at the Liuzhou Hotel in Liuzhou, Guangxi. The event was co-sponsored by the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the People's Government of Liuzhou City, and the City Weiqi League. It was hosted by Liuzhou Sports Bureau and Huazhi City Weiqi League Sports Industry Co., Ltd., was co-organized Guangxi Weiqi Association, Guangxi Liuzhou Cultural Tourism Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. Players from the 32 domestic and international Weiqi clubs, fans from all over the country, as well as celebrities, chess figures, business elites, and media reporters more than a thousand people witnessed and participated in this Go Carnival.
        On May 18th, 32 clubs started the first two rounds of the regular season. Wang Runan, the former chairman of the China Weiqi Association, and Hua Xueming 7 Dan of the national Weiqi team leader explain the game between Liuzhou Wenlv and Guiyang Yiyuan at site for fans. On the 19th, the 32 teams continued to play the 3-4 round of the regular season.
         The series of activities in this opener was colorful. In addition to the high-level competition of 1-4 rounds of 32 Go clubs, the organizing committee also specially planned a series of activities such as "Go Entering Enterprises, entering schools, entering scenic areas, entering villages", and at the same time held “Smart City” Forum, Cross-border Celebrities Invitational Tournament, Famous Persons Autographed Copy Present, Fans Relay Match, Bagui Fans Weiqi Match, Teaching Games, Creativity Market, 2018 Guangxi Youth Weiqi Tournament Liuzhou Division Selection and Ranking Matches, etc events. The events' scale was grand, rich in content and full of highlights, lasted four days.

The following are the results of the first and second rounds:

First round:
District A - District B
Beijing Xingtiandi lost to Changsha Yinzhi
Chengdu Yiming Weijing won Shaoxing Shangyu Yukun Real Estate
Tianjin Pengfeng Guangqi New Energy Won Singapore Fulin Construction
Macau  Xingyun lost to Ningbo Shuqian

District C- District D
Haikou Yinwan Lost to Quzhou Yigu
Toronto Ligarihua lost to Shenzhen Qianzhihai
Guangzhou Zhongcheng Zhijian won Sydney Union
Guilin Zhenghe lost to Shanghai China Tianying

District E- District F
Hangzhou Zhuo Shang clothing lost to Jingde Chinese medicine
Guiyang Yiyuan won Liuzhou Wenlv
Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu won Taipei Hua Baosheng
Nanning Tianyuan lost toFuzhou Bosi Luhua

 District G- District H
Wuhan Zhonghe lost to Gui'an Tianyuan
Bangkok Guiren lost to Beihai Yihai Qingfeng
Xi'an Wensheng won Paris Haoyu Shangyi
Nanchang Tianqiang lost to Nanjing Suzhong Construction

Second round:
District A - District B
Shaoxing Shangyu Yukun Real Estate won Beijing Xingtiandi
Changsha Yinzhi won Chengdu Yiming Weijing
Ningbo Shuqian won Tianjin Pengfeng Guangqi New Energy
Singapore's Fulin Construction won Macau Xingyun

 District C- District D
Shenzhen Qianzhihai won Haikou Yinwan
Quzhou Yigu won Toronto Lijialihua
Shanghai China Tianzhu won Guangzhou Zhongcheng Zhijian
Sydney Union  lost to Guilin Zhenghe

District E- District F
Liuzhou Wenlv wins Hangzhou Zhuo Shang clothing
Jingde Chinese medicine won Guiyang Yiyuan
Fuzhou Bosi Lvhua lost to Osaka Chuangxin Shengwu
Taipei Huabaosheng lost to Nanning Tianyuan

District G- District H
Beihai Yihai Qingfeng lost to Wuhan Zhonghe
Gui'an Tianyuan won Bangkok Guiren
Nanjing Suzhong Construction won Xi'an Wenping
Paris Huangyu Shangyi lost to Nanchang Tianqiang