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City Weiqi League 2018 Season District Ballot Results Released

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      On the afternoon of April 27th, the City Weiqi League 2018 Season Ballot Ceremony was held at the Liuzhou Hotel.
      The 32 teams are divided into 8 districts. In the regular season, the competition mode of “double loop in the district and single cycle with the adjacent district” is implemented. The top two of each district are fought out, and a total of 16 teams would participate in the playoffs.

      The new season ballot was the following situation:

     The top eight teams of the 2017 season are set as the seed teams, were randomly distributed to eight districts by ballot. Due to the withdrawal of the Seoul team, City Weiqi League selected a team from the ninth to sixteenth of the 2017 season by ballot. Finally, the Gui'an Tianyuan team became the seed team and was divided into the H district.

     Among the 32 participating teams, there are both old-fashioned and new elites. After the results of the ballot, the 8 Dan Hu Weiqing-secretary general of the City Weiqi League, made a brief comment on the results of the ballot:

       District A (Beijing, Chengdu Hengtai, Tianjin Pengfeng Automobile, Macau Nebula): All are relatively balanced, and the Beijing Club is satisfied with the results of the draw.
District B (Changsha Yin Zhi, Shaoxing Shangyu Yukun Real Estate, Singapore Fulin Construction, Ningbo Shuqian): Changsha Yinzhi, Ningbo Shuqian is relatively strong.
          District C (Haikou Yinwan, Toronto Ligarihua, Guangzhou, Guilin): Balanced strength, all of them have opportunities.
           District D (Quzhou Yigu, Shenzhen Qianzhihai, Sydney Union, Shanghai China Tianyin): Quzhou Yigu, Shenzhen Qianzhihai, Shanghai China Tianyin are relatively strong.
         District E (Hangzhou, Guiyang Yiyuan, Osaka Innovation, Nanning): All four teams have opportunities.
       District F (Jingde Chinese Medicine, Liuzhou Wenlv, Taipei Huabaosheng, Fuzhou Bosi Lvhua): Jingde Chinese Medicine, Fuzhou Bosi Lvhua is strong.

            District G (Wuhan Zhonghe, Bangkok, Xi'an Wenping, and Nanchang Tianqiang): Wuhan Zhonghe, Nanchang Tianqiang have the hope to advance.
       District H (Gui'an Tianyuan, Beihai Yihai Qingfeng, Paris, Nanjing Suzhong Construction):  All are old rivals and have balanced strength. As a new army, the Paris Club may have been assigned to the strongest group.