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CWL 2021 Season Beihai Station was Successfully Held

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On May 29 and 30, under the guidance of Chinese Weiqi Association, hosted by Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the People's Government of Beihai Municipality and Huazhi Sports Industry Co.,Ltd, and undertook by Guangxi Social Sports Development Center, Beihai Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau and other units, the City Weiqi League (hereinafter referred to as “CWL”) 2021 season Beihai station was held in Beihai. Five teams remain unbeaten in the first two rounds of the competition, leading the field for the time being. The team of Beihai Languang won the champion of Weizhou Island Go Celebrity Invitational.

▲All 32 clubs

On the morning of May 29, CWL 2021 Season Beihai Station was announced open in Beihai Silver Beach Hotel.
The opening ceremony was attended by: Lin Jianchao, chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association; Liao Liyong, deputy secretary of Beihai Municipal Committee, mayor of Beihai City; Nie Weiping, vice chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association, “Go Saint”; Lu Yiwen, deputy director of Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Ou Yujun, vice mayor of Beihai City; Lu Jingyu, vice mayor of Hechi City; Ma Xiaochun 9d; Liu Xiaoguang 9d; Cao Dayuan 9d; Wang Jianhong 9d; Du Guoling, founding director of Suzhou International Cultural Exchange Promotion Association; Lei Xiang, Chairman of Huazhi Sports Industry Co., Ltd, vice chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association; Qin Hongbing, general manager of Huazhi Sports Industry Co., Ltd; leaders and guests from related departments. In addition, more than 300 people attended the event, including media reporters, representatives from clubs and Go fans from all over the country.

▲ Launching Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Ou Yujun delivered a welcoming speech. Qin Hongbing, Lu Yiwen and Lin Jianchao delivered speeches successively. Liao Liyong announced the opening. Zheng Dingxiong, Secretary-general of Beihai Municipal People's Government, presided over the opening ceremony.
Five domestic teams won two in a row
In the new season, the coverage area of CWL has been expanded from 8 countries on 4 continents in 2019 to 12 countries on 5 continents, with a total of 32 clubs participating in the competition. The competition is divided into two major divisions: domestic and overseas. A total of 18 clubs participated in the contest in Beihai Station. In the first and second rounds, Nanjing Suzhong Construction and Beihai Yihai Qingfeng, the champion and runner-up of 2019 season, remained unbeaten. In addition, Wuhan Zhonghe, Xi 'an Wenping and Nanchang Tianqiang also gained two consecutive victories and achieved perfect results in Beihai Station.

▲Competition Site

▲Standings of CWL Domestic Division

Colorful activities
In addition to the wonderful opening ceremony and the intense competition of the first and second rounds of the domestic division, there are also events like "Weizhou Island Weiqi Celebrity Invitational Tournament", "Chaomei Weiqi Talk" theme forum, "Guiding Weiqi", celebrity’s weiqi lecture, "Bamabainian Cup" CWL fan match, “Weiqi Entering School” public welfare activities, “Weiqi Entering Enterprises” activities, theme exhibitions, product markets and so on.

▲ Celebrity invitational tournament

On May 29th’s afternoon, "Weizhou Island Go Celebrity Invitational Tournament" ended in Jingfa Seaview Hotel, Weizhou Island, with 12 teams competing in a three-person go match. In the end, the Beihai Languang team, Dawu Ancient Town team and Liuzhou Wenlv team ranked the top three, among which the Beihai Languang team won the title with four wins.
In the decisive fourth round, the Beihai Languang team against the Xiangdangnian team, and the two teams competed to the second-reading stage. At the end, the Xiangdangnian team made a mistake, the Beihai Languang team therefore seized the opportunity to narrowly win. At the award ceremony, Liu Xiaoguang, a member of the Beihai Languang team, said that it was a tough road to win the championship this time. He half-joked, "Actually, I have almost no use as a 9th Dan. The victory was mainly depend on my teammates’ excellent play."
Han Yunfei, deputy director of Beihai Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau, Su Zhiyong, deputy director of Weizhou Island Tourism Area Management Committee, and Cen Hankang, deputy director of CWL, attended the event and awarded the top three teams.

▲ Celebrity Invitational Tournament champion team

"Weizhou Island Go Celebrity Invitational Tournament" perfectly combined traditional go culture with tourism and leisure culture, strongly promoted the integrated development of marine sports and tourism culture.
On the afternoon of May 28, Weiqi Entering School was held in Beihai City No.2 Experimental School. Nie Weiping attended the activity.

▲ Nie Weiping communicates with students

On The evening of May 28, the "Chaomei Weiqi Talk" weiqi forum was held. Lin Jianchao made speech entitled “Fortune of Nation and Fortune of Weiqi”. Lu Xingdong, director of Beihai Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau, together with Cao Dayuan 9d, Wang Jianhong 9d and other guests held a dialogue with the theme of "Go makes the city more colorful, go makes life better".

▲ "Chaomei Weiqi Talk" theme forum

32 teams participated in the "Bamabainian Cup" CWL fan match. After five rounds of competition, Hechi Go association team, Yulin Yudong team and Yulin Go Association team ranked the top three.
Nie Weiping,“Go Saint”,vice chairman of Chinese Weiqi Association; Li Caineng, Party Secretary of Beihai Tourism And Culture Bureau; Lu Xingdong, director of Beihai Tourism and Culture Bureau; Liang Jimian, deputy Director of Beihai Tourism and Culture Bureau; Huang Shifeng, chairman of Nanning Aojiahua Culture Communication Co., LTD.; Chen Zhonghe, general manager of Guangxi Branch of Colorful Construction and Development Co., LTD., and other leading guests attended the event and presented awards to the top three winning teams.

▲ Fan match Award ceremony

A total of 50 teenage fans participated in "Guiding Weiqi". Professional players such as Wang Haoyang 7d, Zhang Qiang 6d, Qiao Zhijian 5d, Jiao Shiwei 5d, Liu Fan 4d and Chen Yiming 4d played games with fans, provided guidance and share the enjoyment of Weiqi with them.

▲ "Guiding Weiqi"

On May 29, “Weiqi Entering Enterprises” was held in China Southern Pearl Museum. Nie weiping traced back the 3000 years of Chinese southern pearl (Nanzhu) ’s culture with business elites. In the Beihai Ancient Wood Cultural Center and Beihai Old Ship Wood "Boat Heart Boat Art" Cultural Center, the entrepreneurs participating in Beihai Station learned about the history, the development status and the creative design of ancient woods and old ship wood, and experienced the intangible cultural heritage and the traditional skills in Beihai.

▲“Weiqi Entering Enterprises”

CWL 2021 Season Beihai Station was held in Beihai city, a famous coastal tourist city and national historical and cultural city, which is located by the northern Bay of the South China Sea. It is the only "hometown of Weiqi in China" in Guangxi, and has a strong public base of Go. In recent years, it has successively held major Go events, such as the “Nanzhu Cup” National Amateur Go Championship, Pan-Beibu Gulf Go League, and the Finals of CWL 2019 Season. Beihai Yihai Qingfeng Club has entered the playoffs in CWL 5 times consecutively and won the runner-up twice. In May 2021, the Chinese Weiqi Association and Beihai Municipal People's Government signed strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the Pan-beibu Gulf International Go Cultural Exchange Center.

▲ Artistic Performance "Song of the Fish"

In recent years, Beihai also had successfully held major sport events including Guangxi Cycling World Tour (Beihai Stage), National Sea Fishing Championship, National Wave Surfing Championship, National Kiteboarding Championship, Asian Kiteboarding Championship and National Beach Volleyball Championship. Beihai is striving to build itself into a regional competition center for the Belt and Road Initiative, the Maritime Silk Road and the Beibu Gulf.