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End Game of City Weiqi League Liuzhou Opening Games! Los Angeles made its debut and won two consecutive victories

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          On the 26th, the CWL 2019 season Liuzhou opening event ended, and the largest Weiqi game was held in Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group. Steel and Weiqi, colliding with unique splendidness.

           In the first three rounds of the regular season of CWL, the last season champion Nanjing Suzhong Construction and other three teams remained unbeaten. The Langhui team won the “Liu Gang Cup” CWL Entrepreneur Invitational Championship, and the Hope Star team reached the top in the “Liu Dian Cup” “The Strongest Team” CWL Fans Relay Race Liuzhou Selection Game.

▲ CWL regular season game scene

City Weiqi League: Los Angeles Qizhi made its debut for two consecutive victories

         In the first three rounds of CWL, the last season championship Nanjing Suzhong Construction and runner-up Shanghai China Tian Ying remained unbeaten, and the Beihai Yihai Qingfeng and Guangzhou Heng Lv Environmental Protection Team also won three wins, they won Perfect score in this Liuzhou opening game..

▲ players and coaches in the game
▲ Foreign fans pay attention to the game

        Regarding the international teams, the first round of Los Angeles Qizhi lost to Nanjing Suzhong in the first round, and then won the Tianjin Nian Nian Xiang team and Jingde Zhong Yao team. Bangkok’s Qiao Zhi Jia team and Toronto Lijia Lihua team also achieved two wins and one loss. Singapore’s Fulin Construction team and Paris Huanyu Shangyi International each won a victory. Osaka Tianzhao and Sydney Union played not good enough and did not win. .

▲ Paris Huanyu Shangyi Internationa Group Photo
The first three rounds Results Report of the A District 

The first three rounds Results Report of the B District 

The first three rounds Results Report of the C District 
 The first three rounds Results Report of the D District 

Entrepreneurs share the joy of Weiqi
        There are 24 teams from all over the country to participate in the "Liu Gang Cup" CWL Entrepreneur Weiqi Invitational Tournament to share the joyful journey of Weiqi. After five rounds of competition, Langhui, Beijing Yanshan and Bosi Lvhua won the top three. This competition is making friends with Weiqi, which aims to promote exchanges between entrepreneurs, and jointly plan the construction of business districts and the industrialization of Weiqi.

 ▲ Entrepreneur Invitational Tournament Site
"The strongest team" Liuzhou Selection Champion decided
         The 18 teams participated in the Liu Dian Cup "The Strongest Team" CWL Fans Relay Race Liuzhou Selection Game. The " Strongest Team" is the new start-up of the CWL’s sub event in the new season. The event will be held with two stages-Selection game and finals. The winners of the Selection games will be qualified for the finals. In the Liuzhou stop competition, the Hope Star team ranked first with 10 points, and the Wenhua classroom second team and the Tianlong team ranked second and third.
▲ Hope Star team won the championship

 ▲ Match scene

           The “10,100,1000 Talents Project” Guangxi 2019 Youth Weiqi Championship was also divided into two stages: selection games and finals. The Liuzhou selection game with more than 500 people took the lead to start the Championship, and the game was divided into 14 groups.

▲ Match scene

               On the afternoon of the 24th, CWL held an activity of Weiqi Entering School. In Liuzhou Tie 5th Middle School, professional players Liu Fan, Yang Yi, Jia Yifan, Ying Yi Tao talked with the school little players, and the Weiqi robot “Xiaozhi” developed by Hunan Yinzhi Technology Co., Ltd. let the students experience the fun of human-machine game.

▲Guide Game

▲Experience man-machine game  photo by Zhong Hua

The home of CWL-co-brands sponsors, provide Weiqi fans with a place to eat, drink and play.

The opening game of Liuzhou in the 2019 season of CWL has been successfully concluded. More exciting reports on the opening game will continue, so please stay tuned.